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Why Charles Murray will speak at Notre Dame

"Tolerance and inclusion are the watchwords and standard-bearers of academia’s modern crusade, however recent student protests prove these ideals ring hollow when applied to free speech and intellectual diversity." "It is crucial that our university communities are able to distinguish between tolerating differing opinions, i.e. allowing them all to be heard, and validating opinions, i.e. agreeing (or not) with the merit of the speaker’s argument. Merely providing someone with a forum to present his or her views does not confirm them as true. We are only able to make objective determinations of value after ideas have been freely exchanged." What is tolerance and inclusion? If we only practice these virtues toward those with whom we agree, is it still tolerance or inclusion? How should be respond to those individuals and ideas with which we disagree? Do protests realize that goal? If these conversations on differing ideas cannot be had at universities, then what is the purpose of higher education? READ THE FULL ARTICLE

March 23, 2017 l The College Fix

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