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the liddell difference

we get research


Two kinds of firms exist on K Street and State Street: political firms that get politics and think tanks that get research. The two spend the majority of their time talking past each other. We get both and stand at the intersection of politics and research.


Our associates are leaders in their respective fields, giving us the pulse of the latest research, both in academic scholarship and industry realities. While any firm can spit out numbers, we understand data by employing metrics that matter.

We are uniquely positioned to connect our leaders with the cutting edge of research.

we get people

The best leader and the greatest idea are only as effective as their audience's reception.  Effective communication requires more than understanding media platforms; you must understand your audience.


We understand the psychology of human response as well as the intricacies of each media platform and ensure your message doesn't fall on deaf ears.


We are uniquely positioned to help our audiences understand the latest research and policy and how it impacts their everyday lives. 

we get you


Most other firms won't say it, but winning at all costs has a cost.  Winning is not winning if the price tag is your identity, your family, and your message.  To us, you are our top priority and keeping you grounded is so imperative to us, it's part of our name. 


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