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Life, Politics, and the Resurrection

"It was the government — the Roman Empire, no less — who tried to free Jesus and it was the faith leaders who demanded his death. It was church, not state, that declared their only king and leader to be Caesar." "Insurrections — political or otherwise — are about power; the Resurrection is about life, its inward character and its subsequent outward expression. Only the latter yields true influence." "We must learn to live before we can lead. Only then, will our discourse have resolve. Otherwise, we lead and govern with power instead of influence, as we too often do today." Why do we look to political leaders to solve the world's problems? Are political movements sufficient to resolving the world's problems? What is the difference between power and influence? How do our lives different from today's political rhetoric? READ THE FULL ARTICLE "Life, Politics, and the Resurrection" by Samuel Chen, Principal Director, The Liddell Group April 16, 2017 l Medium

j street musings

Much like the absence of J Street in Washington, DC, we provide what is too often lacking from today's politics--substantive research and thoughtful discourse.


J Street Musings is a collection of essays and articles on a variety of issues and genres.  Authored by our team and by scholars and thinkers across the world, each post highlights a few key quotes and fundamental questions to direct our minds toward a thoughtful engagement of the article.

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