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How Sports Saved 2016

"While I was proud that he held that standard and that so many admired him for it, I was also appalled that our standard for president had fallen so far that mere decency was now the determining factor. We were unable to have any conversation on the crucial issues that face our country because we were too busy arguing over decency—and that was only when we weren’t arguing over hand sizes and Bernie Sanders’ religion." "DeRuyter’s comments don’t apply merely to college, but to life. Life that both Pat Summitt and Sam Foltz modeled for us by embracing it to the fullest. It is no coincidence that the legacy both leave will be found not in a stat line or trophy case, but in the lives both near and far that they touched." What values of decency were lost throughout the 2016 elections? What is the cost of the "win at all costs" mentality? Is such a cost worth the "win"? How will you choose to live in 2017? READ THE FULL ARTICLE: "How Sports Saved 2016" by Samuel Chen, Principal Director, The Liddell Group December 30, 2016 l J Street Musings

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