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Remembering 9/11 Heroes and Victims

"They found him six months later, in the lobby of the south tower. He’d made it all the way down. He was found in an area with many firefighters’ remains. It had been the FDNY command post. It was where assistant fire chief Donald Burns was found. He and his men had probably helped evacuate thousands. Welles could have left and saved his own life—they all could have. But they’d all stayed.” Often it is easy to think individual actions do not matter or get lost in the grand scheme of things. One man’s actions in a burning building fifteen years ago will never be forgotten, however. While others were fleeing down the stairs to escape the horrific collapse of the building, 24 year old Welles Crowther, also known as the man in the red bandanna, was running back up them. As we honor the fallen victims of September 11 on today's fifteenth anniversary of the attack, we remember those like Welles who embody what it truly means to be a hero. READ THE FULL ARTICLE

September 11, 2016

September 11, 2016

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Much like the absence of J Street in Washington, DC, we provide what is too often lacking from today's politics--substantive research and thoughtful discourse.


J Street Musings is a collection of essays and articles on a variety of issues and genres.  Authored by our team and by scholars and thinkers across the world, each post highlights a few key quotes and fundamental questions to direct our minds toward a thoughtful engagement of the article.

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