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How Global Elites Forsake Their Countrymen

“Affluence detaches, power adds distance to experience. I don’t have it fully right in my mind but something big is happening here with this division between the leaders and the led. It is very much a feature of our age. It is odd that our elites have abandoned or are abandoning the idea that they belong to a country, that they have ties that bring responsibilities, that they should feel loyalty to their people or, at the very least, a grounded respect.”

Does there exist a disconnect between elite lifestyle, action, and political discourse and the reality of the massess? Peggy Noonan explores this question, and more, in a fascinating piece, pointing to the notion that there may be a growing lack of interest in the lives of "those who are not at the table" and an increase of political decisions that further marginalize those who have no voice.

Wall Street Journal l August 11, 2016

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