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Christians and Politics

"We could pass every pro-life law, every pro-family law, we could get rid of poverty tomorrow--and that wouldn't make America Christian. At the end of the day, it's up to us, as Christians, as the church, with our neighbors, in our communities, how are we living as disciples of Christ? How are we impacting those around us?"

"We get caught up in issues, we get caught up in debates and rallies--and they're fun, they're a lot of fun--but we can miss the point." What is the relation between church and state? Specifically, what role, if any, does each play in society and with regards to each other? How should people of faith, specifically the Christian faith, engage with politics?

Samuel Chen, principal director of The Liddell Group, sits down for a one-on-one interview with Rev. Larry Burd on his program The Living Truth to address these questions and more.

The Living Truth l May 29, 2016

j street musings

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J Street Musings is a collection of essays and articles on a variety of issues and genres.  Authored by our team and by scholars and thinkers across the world, each post highlights a few key quotes and fundamental questions to direct our minds toward a thoughtful engagement of the article.

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