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The Art of (Political) Correctness this battle over how our ideas (and ourselves) are presented and perceived, is what those ideas are. The primary focus of any debate should be the merits of the matter in question; how it makes one feel is secondary at best. When this becomes reversed, as it often has in our society, nobody learns and nobody benefits but, rather, all of society suffers.

Political correctness and honesty took center stage in this year's presidential election. What role does each play in our discourse today? How does each contribute substantively to the conversation, if it does at all? What should our approach to discourse and debate be?

j street musings

Much like the absence of J Street in Washington, DC, we provide what is too often lacking from today's politics--substantive research and thoughtful discourse.


J Street Musings is a collection of essays and articles on a variety of issues and genres.  Authored by our team and by scholars and thinkers across the world, each post highlights a few key quotes and fundamental questions to direct our minds toward a thoughtful engagement of the article.

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