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Politics, Prosperity, and Philosophy

"No presidential candidate would call on doctors to practice medicine without biology or engineers to neglect calculus and physics. Nor should we dismiss philosophy in the name of finances, rules, or governance. It is, in fact, philosophy that gives these other aspects their purpose and direction and, in the case of the latter two, their substantive element as well."

Philosophy is often dismissed as useless in today's society and the fourth GOP presidential debate was no different. But what if the substantive debate the candidates have been clamoring for actually finds itself in philosophy? Ultimately, what is philosophy and what would our politics--and our world--look like without it?

J Street Musings l November 15, 2015

j street musings

Much like the absence of J Street in Washington, DC, we provide what is too often lacking from today's politics--substantive research and thoughtful discourse.


J Street Musings is a collection of essays and articles on a variety of issues and genres.  Authored by our team and by scholars and thinkers across the world, each post highlights a few key quotes and fundamental questions to direct our minds toward a thoughtful engagement of the article.

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