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The GOP, After John Boehner

"The response I often hear to these points is: “Well, Republicans at least need to fight.” On this I agree. It is imperative that we fight for what we believe in. But we should fight smartly. I have never heard of a football team that won by throwing only Hail Mary passes, yet that is what is being demanded of Republican leaders today. Victory on the field is more often a result of three yards and a cloud of dust. In politics this means incremental progress, winning hearts and minds before winning the vote — the kind of governance Ronald Reagan perfected."

Frustration in the current political climate is understandable. The important question is whether we respond or react to such frustrations.

Reactions are based upon emotion instead of thought and seek merely to move in an opposite direction.

Responses, however, are thoughtful critiques that seek to provide solutions.

There are always two factors to a fight: the goal of the fight (the what) and the method of the fight (the how). No matter how right or admirable the former, it can be rendered a moot point by a mindless approach with the latter.

Society is better served when we choose to be thoughtful and solution driven instead of mindlessly reactionary.

by Eric Cantor, Fmr. Majority Leader, U.S. House of Representatives

The New York Times l September 25, 2015

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